FAA Approved Repair Station BA3R390L
FAA Production Approval 724NM
Limited Type Certificate No. 11 (LTC-11)


We fabricate the aircraft structure parts , castings and fittings. 
Below is a sample of our work, please contact us for more parts available.

99-52105 Socket assembly pilot control stick - machined 2024T3 material!

122-21033 & 122-21033-1Horizontal stabilizer rear beam fitting (NAA Technical Order)

104-31019 & 104-31019-1 Hinge fitting coolant door

Original Magnesium North American Aviation Support Assembly landing gear pivot.  Zyglo inspected with new bushings and overhauled downlock pin assemblies, supplied with a FAA form 8130-3

       91-33106-200 Left
       91-33106-201 Right

102-42019 & 102-42019-1 Shroud assembly inner exhaust

109-52528 Fitting Assy, Trim Tab Push

104-310262 Edge Assembly

F140 Pulley

P-51B/C Trim Pedestal

Elevator weight assembly

106-33314-2 & 106-33314-3 Bracket, landing gear fairing door front hinge.  Machined 2024T3 material!

TF-51 Canopy Glass
( Canopy structures and fuselage also available on request)

WEIGHT ASSEMBLY, ELEVATOR INERTIA (Tech Order 01-60J-29 / 01-60-90)

106-14300 P-51D Wing center rib assembly

ATE-6N rod end bearing, landing gear retract (note the grease points)

73-22007 Fitting, trim tab hinge

102-31919-1Fitting, engine mount diagonal brace (left side also available

Plug, combat tank.  Early and late style

102-31944 Housing, engine lord mount rear (right side also avaliable)

73-22007 Fitting, trim tab hinge