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Disclaimer:  Cal-Pacific Airmotive , Inc. is not affiliated with or responsible for any facility or individual that is manufacturing or restoring parts, assemblies or sub-assemblies for the North American P-51/TF51.
FAA Approved Repair Station BA3R390L |  LTC -11 |  Production Certificate No 724NM
P-51 aircraft operating under Limited Type Certificate LTC-11-5 Operation Limitations are required to have the Air Speed Indicator marked in M.P.H to correspond with North American Aviation and USAF cockpit placards, flight manual and technical date.

For reference only, the figure to the right shows an optional dual bezel air speed indicator in M.P.H. and knots.   Most instrument shops can rescreen your indicator, be sure they properly correlate M.P.H. to knots.

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A/N Grease Specification cross reference:
See The Handbook Maintenance Instructions AN 01-60JE-2 (Revision 12-8-1947 page 69) for the Lube chart for the P-51 aircraft. Shell Technical support updates the AN-G-15 to MIL-G-7711, Aeroshell 6 meets the requirement of this specification. AN-G-25 was superceded by MIL-G-23827 (now MIL-PRF-23827C). Aeroshell 7 & Aeroshell 33 meet this specification, but the formulation of the two are not compatible so do not mix them together in service.
As Type Certificate Holder we can engrave and issue a new aircraft data plate for P-51B, P-51C, P-51D and P-51K model aircraft upon receipt of written approval from your local FAA Office.  The FAA will require the old data plate or other information to confirm ownership, model of aircraft and serial number of aircraft.
Aircraft Data plate
New TF-51 Fuselage. 
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