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Disclaimer:  Cal-Pacific Airmotive , Inc. is not affiliated with or responsible for any facility or individual that is manufacturing or restoring parts, assemblies or sub-assemblies for the North American P-51/TF51.
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FAA Approved Repair Station BA3R390L |  LTC -11 |  Production Certificate No 724NM
Mandatory Service Bulletin P51-001 and Supplement 1 dated May 1, 2013 is issued by Cal Pacific Airmotive Inc. in cooperation with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) as holder of Limited Type Certificate LTC-11-5 for the P-51B,C,D,K, F-51D and F-51K model aircraft.  It is recommended that all P-51 & TF-51 model aircraft comply with this Service Bulletin, Including those with an experimental airworthiness certificate.

The Limited Type Certificate LTC-11-5 operating Limitations require Air Speed Indicators to be marked in M.P.H., as per aircraft cockpit placards and manuals.  See our FYI page for an example of marking a dual M.P.H. / knots indicator. 

Use good maintenance practices to determine proper application of data from any North American Aviation or USAF Technical Manual for P-51 series aircraft.

Mandatory Service Bulletin P51-001 May 1, 2013:

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Click the attached illustration to see the proper installation for the Trim Tab Control Spring Washer part number 73-525125. 
Parts Illustration

North American Aviation Technical Orders required for compliance with Limited Type Certificate LTC-11.
Technical Service Orders reflect aircraft serial numbers delivered from factory production, and determined to be applicable during war time service.  Given the extent of actual run experience collected by North American Aviation, and the current use of these aircraft in the civilian registry, it is required that all like model aircraft comply with Technical Orders regardless of serial number.  LTC-11 outlines the Technical Orders to be complied with for FAA Certification of aircraft in Limited Category.  Additional Technical Order do exist and are available on request.  Technical orders posted here are as clear and complete as obtained from original sources.
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Technical Orders are listed numerically from left to right (Note, hard copy in paper bound form is also available - contact us for more information):

**See note below
Technical Order 01-60-100 figure 3 & 4 shims # 122-31105, 122-21040, 122-21041 should  be .063 2024T3 material.

Technical Order 01-60-107
North American Aviation had several Technical Orders  that are not required under the Limited Type Certificate LTC-11. One such order that we always comply with is # 01-60-107, the Reinforcement of the Fuselage rear lower section (tailcone).  Click on the PDF file to the right to review the Technical Order.
TO 01-60-JE-8 referenced in Mandatory Service Bulletin P51-001 May 1, 2013
Service Alert P51-SA-001 Unapproved Parts March 11, 2019:

Cal Pacific Airmotive, Inc.
Technical Order 01-60-113
Rework of Windshield frame and canopy mechanism

Refer to the Maclean Esna Parts Catalog Section 2, pages 69-82 for information on the spline nuts used on the P-51 series aircraft and how to install